Get Ready For More Political Spam

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Declan McCullough’s latest column brings up the issue of political spam again. Apparently, immediately after announcing his bid for the Presidency, Senator Lieberman’s campaign sent out a spam email message to many people who hadn’t requested it. The article includes plenty of examples of political spamming (many of which we’ve listed before). The point of all this, is that it’s unlikely to expect politicians to pass laws that will stop spam. As McCullough points out, Lieberman supported a bill to stop spam last year, saying, “Spam is a tremendous nuisance. It is not requested by the receiver. It almost never contains any information of substance or value…It is costly, destructive, and an invasion of our privacy.” Yet, he’s okay with it when it’s for his own political purposes. Which brings us back to the issue of whether we should hope that politicians will solve these problems with laws, or if we should focus on technology solutions.

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