Is Segway Going Anywhere?

from the maybe-not dept

It’s been over a year since the Segway has been unveiled, and the first ones are starting to reach consumers. However, it appears that the company may be in trouble. Despite the tremendous amount of hype, they’ve had a lot more trouble selling the device than they expected. The initial target of postal workers and police officers aren’t all that impressed. The company still doesn’t have a sales and distribution strategy other than More and more local governments are banning the device from their sidewalks. And, the company can’t seem to keep top executives. They’ve lost two presidents and three top marketing execs. The latest president to leave was the highly respected former president of Subaru America who was supposed to build up a dealer network just like the car business. Now that he’s gone, no one is quite sure how they’re going to sell the $5,000 scooters.

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