DirecTV DSL Customers Get Very Brief Reprieve

from the move-already dept

Having gone through the experience multiple times, I do feel bad for all the DirecTV DSL customers who are looking for new service providers. DirecTV, noticing that 2/3 of their DSL customers haven’t done squat, has decided to give them two extra weeks to find a new high-speed internet access provider. After that, though, the company is probably going bankrupt, so don’t expect much more support. What I wonder is what’s really happening with the 2/3 of their customers who haven’t moved to new services. There are a few possibilities. (1) They haven’t been paying attenntion and don’t realize they’re about to be cut off. (2) They know that they’re going to be cut off, but they’re lazy and hoping that there’s some sort of miraculous change-of-heart/savior who will just make everything ok. Or (3) they’re sitting at home waiting for the damn cable modem installation people to show up. I’m guessing, with so many people needing to switch service providers, the lead time in getting a new line has gone up, so many people are simply stuck waiting. The only consolation I can offer is that for me, there usually was no warning before the service got shut down. In fact, there were usually multiple assurances that the service would never shut down.

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Comments on “DirecTV DSL Customers Get Very Brief Reprieve”

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1 Comment
Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

I'm one of the 160,000 affected

And I for one am glad for the reprieve. My cable modem installation isn’t until next week so without the reprieve I would have had to resort to a temporary dial up service (thank God for the 100 zillion AOL free offers) but now I can continue to download my porn and warez at full speed…

I can’t get SBC-Yahoo! DSL (the preferred transition partner) because I don’t use Ameritech for my home phone service. Even though SBC provides the ‘last mile’ of DSL to my home, they don’t want to deal with me unless I sign up with their over-priced phone service.

Cable modem is even cheaper than DSL, so I don’t mind at all.

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