Let The Downturn Help You

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Geoffry Moore has a good opinion piece in the Red Herring talking about how the downturn is a good time for tech companies to improve their market position. It might sound counter-intuitive, but it makes sense. In down times, tech companies are forced to focus on what they do best – and what makes them money to survive. Meanwhile, the downturn forces competitors out of the market, and technology companies can let their technology shine. If they don’t have good technology, then they won’t survive. Update: A related article talks about how the downturn has actually made many things much easier for Tiqit, makers of full-powered hand held computers. I actually met the folks at Tiqit about 9 months ago when a VC friend of mine invited me to meet them with him (and they were kind enough to let me ever-so-briefly borrow one of their prototype handhelds for my presentation at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference). This really is a company that has focused on building great technology (once you pick up one of their prototypes, you don’t want to give it back) while keeping their feet firmly on the ground through both the boom times and the bust times. I have no idea if the company will do well, but it’s good to hear that they’ve been able to use the downturn as much to their advantage as possible. Now, hopefully, they’ll figure out a way to release the product commercially because (dammit), I want one.

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