Gates Has Designs On Your Wrist

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Microsoft really is trying to put its operating systems absolutely everywhere. They’ve got the desktop. They’ve made some strides in gaming consoles. They’re working hard on the handheld device, and they’re coming on strong in phones. So, now, they’re going one step smaller and trying to take over your watch as well. I’m not sure about you, but the idea of looking to see what time it is and coming up with a blue screen of death isn’t all that appealing to me. However, Bill Gates’ latest vision is that we all want Microsoft embedded in just about every gadget around – “smart gadgets”, as he calls them. Each of which will run Microsoft software, and receive data via FM radio waves. While there have been other computer watches in the past, that’s really the side show. Microsoft’s push into getting their operating into every little thing is worth watching, because it’s going to be quite a battle. It will still be some time before these types of smart devices become anywhere near ubiquitous, but Microsoft (as they’re known to do) will probably learn a lot from the failures of their first one or two generations of products in this space.

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Comments on “Gates Has Designs On Your Wrist”

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dorpus says:

Keep tabs on the masses

It’s only the 12-year-old geeks and middle class masses that like to wear bulky digital watches with too many features on it. Executives still prefer to wear mechanical Rolexes. In my case, I hardly ever wear a wristwatch since there’s a clock on the computer screen, my cell phone, and everywhere else I go.

I’m not sure what the point of having an OS on a wristwatch is, unless we want those Pac-man watches of the 80s again.

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