Yet Another Mini PC

from the yes,-but-when-will-they-ship? dept

Yet another company is jumping into the “mini-PC” business. This one, backed by Paul Allen’s Vulcan Ventures, is working on a tiny notebook computer that will weigh about a pound. While Allen says he just came up with the idea a year ago, the prototype machine looks strikingly similar to the tiny IBM handheld notebooks that were out in Japan about a decade ago (can’t seem to find any pictures online, sorry). For some reason, those machines never really caught on. Of course, others are working on full-powered handheld computers as well, including IBM, OQO and Tiqit – though, they all seem to be focused on different designs than this new Vulcan venture. The main similarity between all of them, though, seems to be that they’re a long way from shipping. Any bets on whether or not any of these devices make it out in 2003, or if they’ll all appear in next year’s VaporWare awards?

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