American University Begins Spying On Foreign Students

from the sending-the-right-message dept

As part of our new “spy on everbody” society, universities are now required to monitor foreign students. American University announced today (proudly?) that they’re the first university to be able to tell you where their foreign students are. They even admit that the system allows them to “notify the INS where our students sleep.” Doesn’t this seem a little bit disturbing? What sort of message are we giving to people who come to this country to study? Since when were foreigners “presumed guilty until proven innocent”?

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Comments on “American University Begins Spying On Foreign Students”

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dorpus says:

Special Case

American University in Washington DC, despite its name, is mainly a party school for rich kids of politicans or foreign diplomats who don’t want to study.

Many (if not most) diplomats are aristocrats from their home countries. They have diplomatic immunity, so they are allowed to commit crimes here and get away with it. Famously, the nephew of George Shevardnadze of Georgia went on a drunken driving rampage in Washington DC and killed a 16-year-old American girl in 1997, but went home scott free. Incidents like that happen every year in DC. Diplomats have special license plates, so they receive no parking fines or traffic tickets.

Diplomats are not immigrants; they have no loyalty to the USA, act openly in the interests of their own country. To them, American University is a 4-year orgy of cocaine, nightclubs, and American pussy. There are night clubs in DC that cater to this crowd, run typically by Iranian guys, and Americans are allowed in only if they have a foreign escort. As for American pussy, there are always the civil servant types (white girls from small towns in the Midwest or South on a low salary) who feel honored to go out with a Turkish prince in his Lamborgini convertible. If the prince is slick, he’ll cultivate a relationship with her and pump her for information about our government.

All this stuff is common knowledge in DC. To be fair, we return the favor to foreigners, where our diplomats (mostly from our ivy league aristocracy) can go on taxpayer-subsidized orgies of cocaine, sex, and chauffered limos in other countries.

The average joe will have to jump through a lot of hoops, including the foreign service exam and security clearances, to become a diplomat; but if you are an aristocrat insider, just tell a bigwig in the state department and he’ll get you in for free.

slim says:

Presumed guilty

“Presumed innocent” is a term used in courtrooms AFTER someone has been charged with a crime. It is merely a phrase used to describe the government’s burden of proof in criminal cases.

This phrase shouldn’t be confused with our government’s right to have rules about the conduct of foreigners who have been granted temporary permission to visit our country. (I travel extensively internationally and am REQUIRED to abide by the local laws of whatever country I visit, whether those laws are just or not.)

Foreigners do not enjoy many of the protections of our Constitution until they earn the right by doing the hard work required to become a U.S. citizen, forswearing their own homeland, and swearing allegiance to the United States.

And that is as it should be. Our rights were EARNED by men and women who gave their lives fleeing the very countries these foreigners swear their allegiance to. These hard-won rights should not, and are not, casually extended to the same tyrants we fled and fought.

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