Technology Trade Shows Keep On Shrinking

from the shrinking-away dept

Another “no big surprise, there” story, but in case you hadn’t noticed, no one in the tech industry really cares too much about trade shows any more. Even in the boom days, most people realized that trade shows were more about the socializing and “all expenses paid” vacations than about actually generating business. Now, however, companies are drastically cutting back on any sort of trade show expenses. The only areas that seem to be doing well are the very targeted ones, where there’s a clear purpose for going. General technology trade shows are having problems.

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Comments on “Technology Trade Shows Keep On Shrinking”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:


Yup, I remember the late 90s when SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son was hailed as the Bill Gates of Japan. But SoftBank was primarily focused on trade shows, and for some strange reason Son thought that he could conquer the world through monopolizing trade shows.

I’m waiting for when “World Fairs” are discontinued for its anachronistic status.

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