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Cable Modem Uncappers Getting Screwed: Part Deux

from the it-continues dept

Trey writes “Broadband reports follows up on an earlier article they did last November on the Ohio broadband users who faced FBI agents and had their posessions confiscated for uncapping their cable modems…. One user will likely settle for $30,000, an area attorney whose been disliked by the town will probably face a much harsher penalty.” This is a crazy story. Since it’s an interview from one-side, it’s going to come out a little biased, but it certainly seems like these folks in Ohio did almost nothing wrong. If what the guy says is true, and he didn’t even violate the terms of service, then I don’t see why anyone should settle the case. Why not take it to court and point out that they didn’t break the law or violate the ToS?

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