Stealth Driving?

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Pontiac is getting ready to launch a new Grand Prix with a “stealth mode” feature. When driving at night, drivers will be able to push the stealth mode button which activates a heads up display that is projected on the windshield. The difference between this and any other headsup displays is that this one will turn off all interior lights, including the current gauges, to give the driver the “feel” that they’ve gone into an invisible mode. While it sounds like a neat marketing gimmick, I can see how this might actually confuse more drivers than it helps.

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Comments on “Stealth Driving?”

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John Hoefer says:

Stealth Mode?

I think you guys are missing the point. The HUD on the Grand Prix displays the speed, turn signal, brights indicator, along with the radio station or CD track on the windshield. The new ’04 model adds a shift indicator and compass.

Stealth Mode on the new model simply shuts off all the dash lights, leaving the HUD on. It does not turn off any exterior lighting. I can’t see how that could be a danger to anybody else.

I should also note it needs to be turned on manually.

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