Cyber-Stalker Gets Jail Time

from the getting-what-he-deserves dept

Well, in an effort to bring back the quickly fading stereotype of the type of psycho you might meet online, it seems that a cyber-stalker has been sentenced to two years for his actions, which included sending thousands of harassing emails (as well as letters and faxes) to the woman. Of course, despite the fact that this included letters and faxes, notice how they still call it a “cyber” stalking case, because that makes much better headlines. The guy met the woman online in a chat room, and they hit it off. They eventually met up in person, but the woman ended the relationship, which set off the tirade. Just to give you an idea of how unstable the guy appears to be, once the sentence was read out, he first threatened to kill himself, and then proceeded to scream that the judge was a “redneck”.

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