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Commerce Power Shift Could Shake Up Piracy, Broadband Debates

from the well,-it-needed-shaking dept

The Washington Post has a good look at how Senator Hollings losing the chairmanship of the Commerce Committee will impact many issues that techies care about. The two biggest, of course, are questions about deregulating the telecom/broadband induustry and copyright protection. There are mixed opinions on what the change in leadership will mean for the telecom world, but people seem to think that Hollywood won’t be thrilled with the new leadership (meaning that customers should at least be a little happier). However, it’s all up in the air, because no one seems completely sure of what incoming chairman, Senator John McCain’s, views on any of these issues are. I’m encouraged that Hollings is no longer in power, because he’s shown a remarkable ability to misunderstand the issues. However, I won’t be encouraged about McCain until we see what he actually does.

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