Pop-Ups Get Worse

from the sickening dept

As if pop-ups weren’t bad enough already. Now, Orbitz, in their incredible stupidity, has decided to make their pop-up ads even more intrusive. Now, if you simply put your mouse over the ad it will open up their website in a separate window. If you try to click the ad closed, it will open up their website in another window. What’s even worse is how they defend this: “The enormous success for Orbitz is directly related to these pop-unders. There’s an enormous segment of the population that are appreciating these ads.” Someone is clearly clueless. This has sealed the deal that Orbitz will never get any of my money. What sort of marketing idiot thinks that pissing people off is likely to bring them more customers? Next thing you know, they’ll probably try to make a deal with Microsoft, so that every time you open up internet explorer, it will open up multiple browsers. One with your chosen homepage, and the rest with the home pages of advertisers.

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Comments on “Pop-Ups Get Worse”

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gaelwolf says:

I simply don't buy from pop-up-under-kick-through-

When I have a few idle moments, I’ll send an e-mail that I have pre-formatted to the offending advertiser, informing them that I recently received their ad, and that I do not purchase from companies using such advertising tactics.
No, I don’t do this all the time…only during those moments when I’m thinking about something else…sort of a recreational irritation…

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