Searching For A Job, Or Just Surfing?

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A few months ago we wrote about the problems companies are facing due to a 1979 regulation saying that they need to record the race and gender of every job applicant who comes there way. The problem, of course, is that in the day of the internet, thousands of people apply for jobs, many of whom have no real interest in getting those jobs. The internet makes it more difficult to determine who is really an applicant and who is not – though, the law states that just about anyone is to be considered an applicant. This has placed a huge burden on companies that often need to hire people just to track down the race and gender – which often upsets many of the candidates who feel that it’s being used for discrimination (and not the other way around). Of course, some are now saying that companies are fighting back against this rule in order to make it easier for them to discriminate again.

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