Microsoft Employee Steals $9 Million Worth Of Software

from the oops dept

I have to admit, as scammers go, this one seems to be pretty damn stupid. An employee of Microsoft purchased $9 million worth of software via an internal purchasing account, and then and then resold the software through a middleman for cash. He then spent the cash on fancy cars, motorcycles, jewelry, and a boat. How did he think he wouldn’t get caught? At some point, you would think someone in Microsoft would notice $9 million in software that just seemed to disappear…

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Comments on “Microsoft Employee Steals $9 Million Worth Of Software”

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replier says:


Hmmm ….. so MS didn’t notice the first million. Didn’t notice the second million … didn’t notice the third million … didn’t notice the fourth million … didn’t notice the fifth million … didn’t notice the SIXTH million … didn’t notice the SEVENTH MILLION … didn’t NOTICE THE EIGHTH MILLION.

I’m sure the guy thought he’d NEVER get caught.

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