Fraud Nets 46 Months For Lying Sales Guy

from the small-potatoes dept

Earlier this year, we had the story of a sales guy who completely made up approximately $5 million in sales for the company Sagent. Today, he was sentenced to 46 months in jail and ordered to give back nearly half a million in commissions he had been given. At the time, I was amazed that Sagent took so long to catch the guy. No one ever checked up on any of these huge sales that he completely made up out of thin air. No one else spoke with any of these “customers” at all. At the sentencing the judge talked about all the harm these non-deals caused the company, which had to layoff people and restate its earnings. So, this one crooked sales guy gets 46 months in jail. How much does anyone want to bet that will be less than the crooks who brought down companies like WorldCom and Enron?

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