Bell Canada Launching Hot Spot Business

Bell Canada is apparently experimenting with launching their own WiFi hotspot service around Canada. For the next few months the service will be free, but they expect to charge for it sometime next year – though, they have no idea how much to charge. They’re (of course) targeting business people, under the assumption that they’re the folks who will spend money for this sort of thing. They’re hoping that the free trial period will give them an idea of how interested people are in using (and paying for) such a service. Of course, plenty of people will use it for free, and very few will pay for it when they come out with the pricing plans. The problem with focusing on business customers is that most business travelers still don’t understand WiFi or how a hotspot business would work. The people who would use the service are people less willing to pay for it. Until that changes, any of these for-pay hotspot businesses are unlikely to get very far.

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