Start-Agains Instead Of Start-Ups

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I know a number of people who have started multiple companies with the same exact crew of people. It seems that it’s a growing trend for a group of people who have worked together to band together and start new companies. The team is already comfortable with each other, and they know what to expect of each other. They’re able to get moving much more quickly and better use each other’s skills. Investors like it, too, since they know that the team has the ability to succeed.

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Comments on “Start-Agains Instead Of Start-Ups”

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dorpus says:


They’ve proven their ability to fail, so they’re getting back together again? Before the .com boom, it seemed that every startup was founded by a bunch of guys who were laid off from a better company. Their big thing was that they are not _____ (insert former company here), but then get completely freaked when they hire a non-____ person who exposes what incompetents they are.

lorenzo says:

Re: no, learning by doing

if you don t try you don t get to know

hence if you ve tried and failed you stand a better chance not to fail again

of course after 4 or 5 straight failures i d suggest to give up, but generally start-agains don t seem to me such a crazy idea

even failures can build value. Failures occur when assets are worth less than liabilities, but there might be hidden value in personal experiences and knowledge, especially in such a downturn where intsngible assets are not valued at all

Phibian says:


“Have a group of people who are familiar with one another and bring in some outsiders to shake them up — if they’re fighting a lot that’s a good sign.”

Yikes! I sure wouldn’t want to work in an environment like that… It’s my experience that if there is a lot of fighting going on, the office politics get so involved that most of your time is spent “politicking” and not actually doing work.

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