Replay It Again, Sam

from the the-next-generation-of-PVRs dept

Lots of PVR-related stories today. Following on the post from last night about why Hollywood needs to embrace Tivo instead of trying to kill it, Salon has a story looking at a number of related PVR issues. The article mainly talks about Craig Newmark’s (and others) lawsuit against Hollywood to make sure that their use of ReplayTV is as legal as they believe it is. The article also looks at Microsoft’s new efforts into the space to offer their MediaCenter PC which includes PVR functionality. They point out that, even while Microsoft is using some copy protection, it’s not very effective as most broadcasters aren’t making use of it. Since the PVR is built into a computer, it lets people do a lot more with the content they’ve recorded – such as burn it to a DVD or share it with others. While there have been plenty of other computer-based PVR offerings, the fact that this one comes from Microsoft suggests that it’s got a better chance to find widespread acceptance.

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