France Has A Name For The @ Sign

from the arobase? dept

Because we’ve all been dying for a new word from the French, they’ve sat around deciding that “at” simply isn’t an acceptable way to refer to the @ sign. So, from now on, please refer to @ as arobase. About the only potential use I can see of this is for people posting comments publicly who want to avoid spam scrapers and want to be you arobase your domain dot com.

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Comments on “France Has A Name For The @ Sign”

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lorenzo says:


try and pronounce it, if you can.

that s how we call the @ sign in Italy, literary means “snail”, but luckyly we have got no bodies telling us what to use, but if I use “at” nobody gets it

ah, forgot the www is the woo-woo-woo, which makes a funny sound to all foreigners and is very much loved, also made top of the charts in a pop song.

Just to remind everybody the the web might be US-centric, but not all american or English speaking. Don t be surpirsed if different countries get to speak it their own peculiar way

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