ISP's Won't Let Techs Help On Public Support Boards

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Art writes “Broadband Reports has an interesting story on how some ISP’s are threatening, even firing, their techs for lending a hand in BBR’s forums in their free time. Seems stupid to me. Instead of taking time to make a PR policy, their leash jerking the techs out of fear. BellSouth is the latest ISP to make it forbidden to lend a hand as a tech support rep in public forums starting December 31st.” The actual article says it all. I agree with the feeling that this sort of support gives those companies a human face, which they’re now losing. Seems painfully short-sighted.

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Comments on “ISP's Won't Let Techs Help On Public Support Boards”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

depends on

One would have to convince the ISP executives that being open about problems on tech support boards is worth the price of:

1. Giving hackers clues on how to exploit problems

2. Giving business competitors an advantage

3. The negative publicity of acknowledging problems

An airplane pilot can be honest and tell passengers that something on the plane isn’t working right, but that wouldn’t do the pilot or the company any good.

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