E-Fabrics Still Too Stiff to Wear

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We’ve posted a number of articles in the past few years about “e-fabrics”. The cutting edge of textile technology where electronic circuitry is sewn directly into the clothes you (or, in many cases, your local soldier) would wear. Despite all the talk, and prototypes, we still haven’t seen any products come out of this arena. It turns out that this is because all those e-fabrics are really uncomfortable to wear. And, that’s coming from the CEO of a company who makes them. She’s suggesting that people in the industry stop overhyping the technology, and focus on finding more practical uses for the technology these days.

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Comments on “E-Fabrics Still Too Stiff to Wear”

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phoenix says:

I don't quite understand...

When I was a kid I used to do modern fencing. One of its forms involves wearing a vest that has wires woven all over – to detect contact with the opponent’s weapon. It wasn’t exactly a joy to wear (it was quite thick to prevent bruises) but I definitely wouldn’t call it unwearable. I would guess there’s a problem when there’s just a patch of e-fabric sewn into an ordinary piece of clothing. It must feel uncomfortable having a relatively inflexible spot somewhere.

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