Expedia To Charge Booking Fees

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Weren’t we just talking about companies charging bogus fees to try to sneak more money out of their customers? Expedia has now announced that any ticket you buy from them will require an extra $5 “booking fee”, that I’m sure isn’t added to your shopping cart until the final checkout screen. I’d like to know exactly what that “booking fee” represents other than a way to get more money out of people. I’ve used Expedia in the past, but now I’m going to be a bit more careful before I use them again. The whole point behind using an online travel service like Expedia was to cut out the travel agent middlemen so that there wouldn’t be these extra fees. This may also give people extra incentive to book directly from airline sites. For example, I just flew on JetBlue, where they make it $5 cheaper if you book online.

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