Adobe Admits No eBook Copies Found

from the suing-for-the-sake-of-suing dept

In the ElcomSoft trial today, a representative from Adobe admitted that that they had no evidence that anyone copied a book illegally using ElcomSoft’s technology. Instead, they say the product is illegal simply because it could be used for that purpose. It seems to me that laws that make the possibility of doing something illegal, rather than the act itself are a bit problematic.

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Comments on “Adobe Admits No eBook Copies Found”

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Bishop says:

No Fishing

That reminds me of the joke where a lady takes the boat out for a spin to get some nice quiet book time during a camping trip. A ranger pulls up and asks to see her fishing license, something she cannot provide. He moves to arrest her, and in answer to her request, he explains that the fishing gear in the boat COULD have been used to catch illegal fish, and that merely possessing the gear to poach made her a criminal.

She threatens to charge him for rape under the same logic.

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