Hackers Fight Censorship, Human Rights Violations

from the good-for-them dept

Hacktivismo today officially launched the Hacktivismo Enhanced-Source Software License Agreement (HESSLA), which is their clever attempt to prevent governments from blocking anyone from using their software to circumvent national firewalls. The license says that if any of the products are used in censorship, than the end users have a right to sue that government. Of course, I wonder how enforceable such a license would be (and under what jurisdiction it would actually fall). It seems more like a publicity stunt, even if Hactivismo says it’s a lot more than that.

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Comments on “Hackers Fight Censorship, Human Rights Violations”

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dorpus says:


So, this group is setting itself up in the long run to become an organized crime ring and/or mercenary group. History is replete with examples of minor factions claiming a quasi-national sovereign status (Knights of Malta, Knights of Santiago, etc.), of being some sort of renegade elite force doing good for society, at the expense of established orders.

In the long run, good members of such factions were either killed in battle or accepted new stations serving larger powers; the remainder degenerated into piracy, thuggery, and mercenary activity.

So, these guys will be the next generation of Gambini Families, or CIA henchmen.

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