Finally, Some AOL/Time Warner Synergy

from the making-the-internet-like-TV dept

The internet is different than TV. OK, that’s obvious, but tell that to the folks at AOL/Time Warner. In their ongoing struggle to compete with MSN, slowing subscriber growth and balancing ad revenue with transactional and premium service revenues, AOL/Time Warner has decided to emulate cable TV. They will schedule content through out the week, work related stuff earlier in the week and entertainment content close to the weekend. And they will target content for distinct audience segments based on interests such as news, entertainment, etc. This makes sense to some degree, but it doesn’t bode well for the future of the service. They are regressing into old models and patterns, not moving forward. The great thing about the internet isn’t that you can tune into content, it’ s that you can get information on demand. That is what they should be focusing on. Don’t guess what I want and when. Just make it available, affordable and easy to find.

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