Where Would You Place Your Digital Hub

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It seems that everyone in the computer world and the consumer electronics world thinks the next big thing is going to be the “connected home” where everything talks to each other (and, of course, the internet). The big question, then, is what device controls all the other devices? Which box becomes the “digital hub” that both industries are so fond of? Of course, every company that claims they know the answer is only saying so because they’re selling (or planning to sell) that particular answer. Some think it’s basic home computer. Others think it’s the game console, while some are betting on the DVD player as the simple response to sneak into homes as a digital hub. In the end, there will be plenty of choices, it seems, most of which will fail miserably.

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Comments on “Where Would You Place Your Digital Hub”

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Tatum says:

Can Dad install a digital media hub?

I don’t think so. I think the networked home is going to remain in the professionally installed market where it is already flourishing. Most people don’t want to deal with the headache of trying to network all their connected devices, and will rely on professionals in the structured wiring or professional A/V markets to do it for them in a way where they can immediately reap the benefits of investment and avoid the “closet ware” prospect mentioned in the article.

Steve says:

Easy--wherever the fattest pipe is

WiFi really makes the location a minor issue, so the hub needs to be wherever it can connect at the highest speed to the outside world–phone line/DSL, cable, dish or whatever. Because now everything else can connect cable-free with WiFi at a high speed.

Of course the better question is what do people really want to connect? The whole internet toaster and all of that is crap, and I’m not really sure of the need to combine entertainment systems & computers. Given the evils of both telecoms & cable companies, I just cringe at the idea of having one single provider for internet, telephone & cable. Granted I think land line telephony will disappear before too long, cutting one out of the loop.

I think most people are like me & just want to be able to quick look up an actor on IMDB while watching TV or stuff like that. And that doesn’t require any kind of major convergence or “digital hub”, just a computer, WiFi and a laptop or PDA.

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