Real And Fake eBay Update Emails Confusing People

from the not-good dept

Last night I saw the news that eBay had sent out a number of emails to users saying their accounts had been compromised and they had to follow certain steps to reset them. My first reaction on hearing this was that it sounded exactly like the typical scam email to try to get someone’s account info. It seems that plenty of scammers thought the same thing and are using the confusion over the legitimate eBay emails to send out their own scam emails that look remarkably similar.

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Comments on “Real And Fake eBay Update Emails Confusing People”

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1 Comment
Timmmay! says:

No Subject Given

The thing I hate about eBay is that having an account there makes you a spam magnet. They require you to use a real (i.e. non yahoo, non hotmail) email account and then have it listed on pages that can be spidered. I actually get remarkably little spam to my real email account except for immediatly after I bid on something on ebay.

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