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Priced To Sell

A short piece over at Business 2.0 says what just about everyone (who didn’t work for a carrier) has been saying for years, concerning wireless data. Pricing based on the amount of data downloaded is a bad idea – and finally the carriers are starting to realize this. There’s nothing particularly new in the article (we’ve talked about the two unlimited data price plans – T-Mobile and Sprint PCS – previously). However, it’s still good to see more mainstream press articles pounding this idea into the heads of carrier execs. Of course, they don’t point out that T-Mobile’s idea of “unlimited data” is really just an introductory offer. The much hyped unlimited data of the T-Mobile Sidekick is only valid for 1 year. After that, they say they’re going to start charging for usage. We’re still hoping they come to their senses before that happens. Charging per byte is only going to encourage their users to jump ship to other providers (hopefully, by then, other carriers will also offer Danger Hiptop service).

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