Will The Real Bill Wyman Please Tune Up

from the careful-who-owns-your-name dept

Sometimes stories really make you wonder about lawyers. Clearly, the current naming system used by humans is not very good, because we have repeat names out there. But, what happens if you end up with the name of someone famous? What happens if you happen to possess the name Bill Wyman, the same name as the former bass player for the Rolling Stones? To make matters worse, let’s say Bill Wyman (not the bass player) also happens to be a popular music critic – occasionally even covering the Stones. It seems the expensive lawyer for the bassist Bill Wyman has decided that it’s illegal for the critic Bill Wyman to own his own name. While the bassist Bill Wyman is a bit older than the writer, the bassist changed his real name to Bill Wyman a few years after the writer Bill Wyman was born. Got all of that? Either way, it’s a pretty ridiculous story.

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