Students Treat Laptops With Care

from the of-course-they-do dept

Apparently, when the program to give all students in the state of Maine laptops, there were two big criticisms: first, people were afraid that giving every kid a laptop would make them anti-social. This is such a ridiculous claim that has been disproven so many times, we won’t even bother with it (though, the article has random anecdotal evidence suggesting it isn’t true at all). The second is that seventh grade students weren’t responsible enough to take care of expensive laptops. I’m not sure why adults always seem to underestimate kids, but the evidence so far shows that the kids treat their laptops with care. They know what they’ve been given, and they don’t want to screw it up. I’m sure that laptops will get broken, and there will be some misuse over time. But, on the whole, seventh graders know what a computer is and how fragile it can be, and are certainly responsible enough to care for one.

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