Sony To Ease PC-Entertainment Networks

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I’ve been surprised that consumer electronics makers haven’t done more to try to tie their devices into consumers’ computers. I guess we need to wait until Sony, who makes both computers and consumer electronics, decided to step into the game. They’re getting ready to launch their RoomLink technology, which makes it (they say) easier to connect PCs, TVs and stereos to each other wirelessly using WiFi (or, if you really must, using cables). A bunch of other companies are looking to offer similar products soon as well. Of course, knowing how Hollywood likes to freak out about new technologies, they’re likely to protest loudly. It seems that, already, Sony has cut back the functionality of RoomLink to appease them. While the Japanese version of RoomLink lets people stream DVDs from one device to another, the American version won’t.

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Comments on “Sony To Ease PC-Entertainment Networks”

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1 Comment
Marc H. Nathan says:

Playstation2 can play computer video

There was a lot of talk at the beginning of this latest round of gaming console wars (XBox, PS2, GameCube) that the companies producing them were really vying for “entertainment hub” status. Very little talk has materialized into action, not because low consumer demand, or even evil Hollywood Execs putting the kibosh on such technology – but for a much more simple reason: Money. How do you get consumers to upgrade? Give them better value – so the gaming companies – notably Sony and Microsoft (who know a thing or two about updates for their technology) are going to drip out kludgy upgrades for broadband and network adapters for their current boxes (think service releases) until their next-generation media and network capable boxes are ready for their own sales cycle. This is why we early adopters will have to rely on hacks and third-parties to give us the capabilities we crave. See for a way to allow you to watch your downloaded videos on your PS2 today. Give me an off-the-shelf gaming console that can be used like a Tivo with DVD-R and I’ll give you my money, but you’ll have to deal with the legal ramifications yourself.

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