ICANN Deems Us Worthy Of Three New TLDs

from the but-no-more! dept

In the continuing saga of ICANN deciding what’s best for the little people out there, they now say that maybe (if they think it’s okay), they’ll let us have three more top level domains sometime next year. However, they will only do so with small, focused areas that will allow for large corporate payoffs to the folks who make ICANN possible. The article includes the requisite Karl Auerbach quote wondering why we can’t have as many TLDs as we want (yeah, why can’t we?).

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Comments on “ICANN Deems Us Worthy Of Three New TLDs”

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1 Comment
Andy (profile) says:

infinite top level domains

Is there anything technical stopping creation of infinite top level domains? Not really.

But just because we can do something, doesn’t mean we should. Look at USENET. There’s what happens when people can create whatever names they want — thankfully, it’s been somewhat curbed due to the newgroup top levels (comp, sci, alt, etc.), but since nearly everything ends up in alt., the existance of a alt. TL entry is meaningless (fortunately, nearly everything outside of alt. has some redeeming value).

It would be nice if the “people in charge” of this kind of stuff weren’t corporate whores, or if the domain customers concentrated on helping people find what they want rather than crapping their name all over the place (wow — it would be neat if all pr0n sites were in .sex, and all commerical sites were in .com, etc; what a concept!)

Sorry for this rant.

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