The Tech Gap A Cause For Optimism

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These days, the trend seems to be to write really downbeat stories about the tech world. How many layoffs have there been? How long does it take people to find new jobs? How many companies have gone out of business? Just like in the days of the boom when every article made it sound like the boom would never end, these days, it seems some believe that the down cycle won’t bounce back either. Hal Plotkin’s latest column is an interesting look at why the “tech gap” may bring reason for optimism. The “tech gap” is the gap in the technology used by the best run companies, and what everyone else uses. Apparently, right now, it’s huge. That means, those other companies need a lot of technology to catch up, and there’s plenty of opportunity there. While this could sound like old bubble-speak, he makes some good points in the article. Most companies have terrible customer service offerings, even though we know that there are some good technologies to improve customer service. Stores still run out of products all the time, even though there are good forecasting and inventory management products out there. For people looking for an oppotunity to jump onto the next big thing, Plotkin suggests looking for a product that seems to be missing in that gap.

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