Marketers Try To Turn Swappers Into Customers

from the non-infringing-uses dept

A few weeks back we had the story of how Lions Gate Films was trying to distribute trailers to one of their films via Kazaa (using their Altnet system, and money from Microsoft). The NY Times now has an article looking in more detail at the various companies who are experimenting with trying to find paying customers on file trading networks. The reporter gets anonymous entertainment execs to admit that they’d like to use the system as well – but their lawyers won’t let them. If that doesn’t say everything you need to know about why the entertainment industry is screwed up, I don’t know what else you need to hear. Some executive want to make good use of these file trading systems, but the lawyers say no – because it might disprove the argument they’re trying to make in court. Let’s think about this… if the actions from their own side would disprove their argument, doesn’t that mean their argument is wrong in the first place? I guess logic doesn’t really matter for some…

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