Game Consoles And Broadband

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Sanjay Castelino writes “So I was reading today’s CED daily direct and started thinking about the impact of online game consoles on the broadband market. It seems to me that the carriers are in for an interesting X-mas. First, gamers who want to go online and have broadband will want to get a home network – how much fun will that be for the providers? More home networks to support. Second, gamers that don’t have broadband will at least try broadband and cause a nice spike for the provider’s Q4 subscriber adds. Either way, it looks like gaming will drive broadband this Christmas and I wonder what pains the providers will feel as a result?”

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Comments on “Game Consoles And Broadband”

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1 Comment
Cory (user link) says:

It's just like everything else ...

Everyone seems to always to be waiting for the “killer app” to really make an impact in a market segment. But if we can learn anything from the bubble and it’s ultimate demise, we should learn that huge spikes are not necessarily good and that a normal steady influx of lower-level apps is better, it just takes more time. Everyone that has anything to do with the tech sector are used to getting things right away and that doesnt always translate.

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