Spam King, Verizon Settle Lawsuit

from the no-ruling dept

Verizon’s lawsuit with one of the largest spammers around has been settled rather than going to court. The spammer is allowed to keep spamming, so long as he doesn’t spam Verizon customers (how they determine this, I’m not sure). The guy, unfortunately, says he’s admitted to doing nothing wrong and will keep on spamming, as it’s the “best business in the world”.

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Comments on “Spam King, Verizon Settle Lawsuit”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

For the who? By the who?

I thought America was “For the people, by the people”? Am I mistaken. It appears as of late this country is “For the profit, by the corporation”. It’s a good thing we were able to do away with slavery before this century. The greed that is being displayed from all corners of this country is terrifying and unrelenting. I’m not against making a profit but the constant clawing at the consumer is becoming unbearable. No one wants spam but this jackass is going to make you take it, Telemarketers calling 15 times a day, the daily squeal from Hollywood, the never ending search for reasons to raise the rates of everything every year, Enron, Enron, Enron, WorldCom. What happened to making a dollar and giving the consumer a dollar worth of product/service?

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