Is Your Email Really Yours?

from the if-you-own-the-domain,-it-sure-is... dept

More reasons to own your own domain, instead of using a random ISP to be your main email account. Some woman in Canada is suing an ISP after she claims they held her email hostage in a billing dispute. The company had apparently undercharged her for a while. When they realized the mistake they tried to collect the past due money owed. They came to an agreement to accept half of that money, but the ISP later changed its mind. The woman switched accounts, shutting down her old account. However, the company kept the account open, letting email accumulate – even though the woman couldn’t check the account. She claims she lost a job opportunity that was emailed to her because of this. I can (to some extent) see her claims. The ISP certainly should have shut down the account immediately once she cancelled the service. However, it really is her responsibility to pass on her “change of email address” information to anyone she knows. I would think that potential employers, for example, would be near the top of that list.

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