Will Wireless Save Semiconductors?

from the the-next-next-big-thing? dept

Right now, most people talk about WiFi for hotspot access, connecting their laptops or PDAs to the internet wirelessly over their own home’s broadband connection, or at the local Starbucks (or whatever place has set up a hotspot). However, the companies that make WiFi enabled semiconductors see a future in higher speed WiFi (of the 802.11a and g varieties) allowing for the creation of a home “information center” that acts as a server for a bunch of different home computers and appliances. It’s dawning on semiconductor companies that this is a potentially huge market, and so the battle lines are being drawn to see who supplies the chips. A number of small startups have started showing up in this space, while a few larger companies have been seeing this day coming for a few years. It’s not often that you hear about a “hot” area in technology these days, but apparently this one qualifies. Though, I wonder how “hot” it really is – and how much of the hype is just because people are so desperately looking for a “hot” area.

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