VeriChip's On-Again Off-Again FDA Approval Apparently On-Again

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A few weeks back we wrote about the VeriChip saga (where a company wants to implant chip’s into people for a whole variety of reasons) where it appeared the company twisted the words of the FDA to make it appears as thought they had FDA approval for the device. The FDA turned around and said they never granted such approval and, in fact, they were now investigating the company. Well, the saga continues, as the company is claiming (yet again) that they have FDA approval, though, it’s a little confusing as to whether or not that’s really accurate. In fact, the article suggests that ADS (the company that makes the VeriChip) may have violated the FDA approval already in describing the device as a “medical device” in the press release for the approval. Either way, it does make you wonder why anyone would trust a company with a known history of misleading the public about FDA approvals to implant a hunk of silicon in his or her body.

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Comments on “VeriChip's On-Again Off-Again FDA Approval Apparently On-Again”

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Charles Police says:


Hi, well, the verichip, and other chips alike are for safety, health care, etc.,… Ah, Ah, Ah, it is the opposite: you see, now the terrorists and criminals, who are always a step ahead in the tecnology field, will have a mean of knowing exactily where their victims, and worse, their hunters also, are. Than you Verishit company for the increase of insecurity in the society! The president of Verichip-Veryshit rigt now for jail! Who is behind this stupidity( of course tecnology is good when well used)?

alejandro guerrero "alex" says:


please help i’m so spiritually drained by this thing they put it in me against my will during the night while locked up in a hospital for a week and comiting no crimes whatsoever to anyone please give me guidance use me as a message live record it i don’t care if it kills me it’ll be worth it to the next generation and all of the children in this county and possibly the world hurry please hurry

alejandro guerrero says:


please help me get this thing out i’m only 23 and you probably don’t know what i’ve been through too or have you i have no answers and need guidance please put up with me and try i’m truly a nice gifted spirit that they’re turning into a nightmare 630-516-9930 17w361 stillwell oak brook terrace, il 60181 hurry running out of time soon

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