Mobile Junkies Reshaping Society?

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Well, this seems to be a popular topic. Yesterday we wondered if mobile phones were changing people’s perception of reality and listed a bunch of examples. I didn’t even think to mention the idea of “smart mobs”, which we discussed a few months ago. Today, however, Wired is running a review of the book, which comes out this month, by Howard Rheingold, Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution, and makes a lot of the same points about how mobile phones are changing the way people interact. Sounds like an interesting book.

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Comments on “Mobile Junkies Reshaping Society?”

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1 Comment
Jonathan Grant says:

Mike let's hear a review already.. phone died yesterday, and since i don’t have a landline, i’m a highly motivated buyer. so i went down to the various wireless stores downtown yesterday to take a look.
..maybe it’s just me, but both the Hiptop and the Sony/Ericsson T68i look like cheap crappy toys. but then, i’m not someone who’s really into having a PDA – i never end up using them. so let’s hear some more about the utility of the Hiptop Mike. enlighten us!
Jonathan Grant

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