eBay Talks Tough On Fraud, Does Little

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The latest “series” that MSNBC is putting together appears to be all about online auctions. They’re starting with an “investigation” into just how well eBay responds to fraud complaints. There have been a number of articles about this in the past few months, but this one takes a look at some specific claims. The reporter believes that the evidence he saw was pretty compelling (and it sounds like it was) concerning someone who was pumping up the bid prices himself, and, despite complaints from users, eBay did nothing other than tell the guy to knock it off. They also didn’t inform any of the buyers who ended up paying more because of this. The article also quotes a former, but anonymous, eBay employee who says they weren’t allowed to mess with “power seller” accounts, even when it was clear they were cheating. eBay, of course, says they do the best they can, and look at each case on an individual basis. On the whole, I’d say both sides are probably right. I doubt eBay is as unconcerned about fraud as some people say, but at the same time, it seems clear they could be more responsive.

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Comments on “eBay Talks Tough On Fraud, Does Little”

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Conni says:

Ebay***A seller's market,***suspension

I’m trying to reach Ebay because they suspended my account, I was somehow linked to another user ID. I have been working for hours getting my account built up, I had 18 comments and only one negative. I was ID verified, didn’t hide anthing. They cancelled all my auctions (about 18 or 20), cancelled my bids and said you’re indefinately suspended. My problem is that I’m an honest user of the system, and Ebay won’t even respond to me to help me fix the problem. Seller’s should be investigated, but they are not.

April says:

Fraudulent Buyers are Illegal!

It makes me very angry as a seller who is honest and have been on eBay for a year and a half to be attacked by these VIGILANTE BUYERS. If a seller has committed an act of fraud that’s one thing, but to place ridiculous bids on items, refuse to pay for them and stick the seller with the bill is wrong. I’ve got over 2600 feedback so obviously I’m doing something right. But it makes no difference to the fraud you people are promoting. You’ve hurt my family and my livilihood and you already know how to get around the law. It’s not fair for you people to get away with illegal activity and I get to foot your bill!

paul (user link) says:

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