Dylan, Joel, And Taylor Sue MP3.com

from the a-little-late,-isn't-it? dept

This article is a little short on details, but it appears that Bob Dylan, James Taylor and Billy Joel are all now suing MP3.com for illegally distributing their music. I’m guessing this comes from the same claims from the previous MP3.com lawsuit that got them in trouble for offering immediate access to MP3s if you could prove you had the CD. If so, then it’s taken them long enough to file the lawsuit. Perhaps it’s about something else. Even more telling, though, is that all three artists are on Sony’s label, and MP3.com is now owned by competitor Vivendi Universal…

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Comments on “Dylan, Joel, And Taylor Sue MP3.com”

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Jimmy Gantos says:

Suing MP3.com

Look at the artists suing… Dylan – he’s had his head up his ass for over twenty years, the dope he smokes has to delay his decisions. Billy Joel – He doesn’t remember when the Internet was a booming thriving business 3 years ago. Let alone that Bush is President. and let’s face it, James Taylor needs the money.

these are all guys who have spent and lost fortunes looking for another buck, not pawns in Sonys game.

Actually, I am surprised that Michael Jackson hasn’t sued MP3.com…

jpthegeek says:

And out of the goodness of my heart...

I just paid good, hard earned money for Taylor’s new album. This is the thanks I get for having every one of his works on Vinyl, CD and even (gasp) cassette.

You know, Metallica did something similar to this a couple of years ago and look what happened to them.

James, I know the last 4 decades have left you with a couple of brain cells. How about using them and quit listening to your lawyer.

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