Fake Bank Website Used In 419 Scam

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The BBC is being unusually secretive in detailing the latest method used by so-called “419” free money scammers. They registered a domain name which was a variation on a UK bank that the bank itself hadn’t registered. They then created a fake, but realistic looking bank site to go along with it, and let the victims view their “account” to see all the money they would never be getting their hands on. Oddly, the article never says which bank it is, though they say that bank has now taken possession of the domain name. The big “variation” was that the domain the scammers used included the word “the” before the name of the bank.

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Comments on “Fake Bank Website Used In 419 Scam”

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Chris (user link) says:

I hate to say it

But this is the oldest trick in the book! Way back in 1996 I knew a guy who was drumming up consulting business by registering bankx.net when the banks only had their .com name secured and then setting up a fake log in screen. He was careful to not save any data entered, just the fact that somebody tried. Then he would call CIO’s of the banks and try to get an appt. It worked about 25% of the time. The other 75% resulted in a certified letter from a lawyer!

nick says:

bank name

I know one such fraud online bank’s website, going by the name of www,continentaltrustbank.net. On doing a whois search on the website, i gathered some more information about the owner who happens to be from UK. I have sounded this alarm many a times by mailing national security, interpol, and also posting on the forums of many websites but to no avail.

Corey Hill says:

Nigerian National Petroleum Corp - continentaltrus

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here is the details
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need you to provide us with the full address if no we need you to provide us
with your full address where you are resident now,

(4) Your identification international passport or driving license,

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Provide us with the details require and we will have the account open for you
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Thank you for wanting to open account with us,

Mr. Mike Williams.
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Franklin Schuurmans says:

Again Nigeria

we are a local winery in the south of france and we received this one today:

Dear Sir/Madam,

We write to confirm reciept of a Payment Order with the Total Invoice Value of (79,500.00) of Proforma Invoice No:RR0604 Dated 04/13/ 2006.

To enable us process your Payment Order and credit payment to your nominated Bank A/C,please print and fill out the appropriate spaces of the (2)Forms: Foriegn Transfer Form/Payment Release Order Form attached herewith and submit back to us by return e-mail or Fax.

Thanks for choosing our services.

Ms. Gloria Adebajo

Transfer Operations Department

Continental Trust Bank Plc

1400 P.M.B Awolowo Way Victoria Island



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