Captain Cyborg Makes It To Newsweek

from the yes,-but... dept

Kevin Warwick, refered to as Captain Cyborg in the Register for his frequent publicity stunts about implanting chips into humans, has now made it into the latest Newsweek, where they mention in passing that he has critics. However, they don’t look at why these critics persist. Certainly the idea of implanting chips and creating “cyborgs” is an interesting idea, and worth studying, but Warwich’s history of hyping up things that are clearly not true is problematic. In Newsweek he admits that he likes publicity and it helps him get funding. I don’t have any problem with publicity, but if you’re simply making outrageous, false claims to get the publicity for what you call scientific research, it seems that the press should question it. Can’t wait to see what the Register has to say about this…

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