Could Pay-for-Play Replace Peer-to-Peer?

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A new research study pretty much states the obvious when it comes to online music. If there were no free P2P file sharing programs out there, more people would be willing to sign up for pay services. Of course, it’s still a small percentage (less than one-third) who would. Interestingly (and surprisingly, to me) more people said they would be willing to do pay-per-download than a subscription fee. I would have thought an “all you can eat” program would make more sense. Of the other findings, though, over half of the people surveyed didn’t see anything morally wrong with downloading music, and 62% said they bought a CD after sampling songs from it via the internet. I always wonder about studies like this one, though, because it’s so easy to have biased questions that push people towards a specific answer. “Do you share music with friends online?” and “Do you pirate copyrighted songs online?” may be asking the same thing, but could elicit very different answers…

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Comments on “Could Pay-for-Play Replace Peer-to-Peer?”

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JimmyGantos (user link) says:

The Music Industry Cds

Why can’t the music industry just sell single tracks online and the new .mp4 (aac) rate. I think a lot of people would be willing to get a quality like that for pennies on the dollar. Who needs a full CD with that 4 or 5 songs you never would buy normally. If the internet was ripping of so much business from the music industry, the music industry would have found way to make money off of it sooner. And let’s remember that the CDs are marked up heavily. Why not let the consumer decide on the markup of a CD? After all they have been ripping us off for years.

The record industry, should it screw up, will lose more and more customers to the internet and bands will start to sell from their own websites. This also can be applied to the movie biz… Imagine Tom Cruise… Why should he take $20 million from Paramount when he can make $200 milllion distributing it “Digitally” himself from a website.

Lack of insite still stammers the entertainment and music industry. They’re all going to lose their jobs…

Anonymous Coward says:

Could Pay-for-Play Replace Peer-to-Peer?

Nope. Hollywood will try this and it will not be wildly successfull. Since it’s Hollywoods right to be wildly successful the blame will fall on p2p. They will continue to buy their justice and artifically inflate costs to protect themselves. I wonder how long it will take before they sue Cisco. If you can get them to spend their money identifying and blocking mp3s they’d stand a chance.

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