Acclaim's Latest Publicity Stunt Upsetting UK Government

from the speed-all-you-want dept

I’ll give Acclaim Entertainment credit for coming up with so many outrageous promotions. It seems that every month or so they come up with yet another promotion that gets them a ton of free press (which, of course, is the point). This is the company, after all, that said they were going to advertise on tombstones and wanted people to either rename themselves or name their baby after one of their video game characters. Their latest stunt is to promise to pay all the speeding tickets of anyone in the UK caught on October 11th, as part of the promotion for one of their games (a driving game, of course, which we’ll refrain from naming). The UK government is not pleased, saying this will only encourage people to speed. I’m sure Acclaim is thrilled at such support from the government.

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