The Fight Over

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I’ve seen articles about this case in the past, so I’m not really sure what’s new here, but the Associated Press has an article talking about the lawsuit over It’s currently owned by an entrepreneur named Uzi Nissan, who has owned it since 1994 and used it for his computer consulting business, Nissan Computer Corp. It would seem clear that he has a legitimate claim to the name – and he wasn’t using it for cybersquatting. The problem is that at some point he also put up links to car buying sites. The other question is whether or not Nissan waited too long to make their claim. They only got upset in 1999, but courts have said that’s okay, because they didn’t realize how important the internet was before that. Nissan, the entrepreneur claims this is simply an example of how a big company thinks it has the automatic right to walk all over a small company.

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Comments on “The Fight Over”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Uzi should keep the name

He’ll probably lose in the long run though. Justice is for the rich. If Nissan Motors has trouble bullying the name away from Uzi Nissan they can alway pay Fritzie to be outraged. Uzi Nissan knows of Nissan Motors. Uzi registered his name back in ’94 when the internet wasn’t so popular. There were few people looking for automobiles on line at that point. If Uzi was looking to cash in on people looking for cars he would have registered other names such as GM, Ford or the model names of popular cars such as corvette or mustang. He didn’t. He used his own name. Now that the internet is wildly popular Uzi Nissan is now getting hits from people looking for Nissan Motors. He knows this. This is why he has ads to other cars. He’s aware that all these people aren’t beating down his door for service. Now he’s making some extra money sue to his name. Good luck Uzi. I hope it works out for you.

msykes says:

Re: Uzi should keep the name

Maybe I’m stupid, or maybe the site has already changed, but I didn’t find any reference to car sites – well except the notice at the top pointing people to which seems nice of him. He bought it under legitimate pretenses. He’s using it under legitimate pretenses. End of story, or at least in an ideal world it should be. If Nissan didn’t realize the internet is important, it’s their own damn fault and they don’t deserve But in anticipation of them winning in the end, let me say again that I hate lawyers, and I hate judgest oo these days.


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