New Bill To Protect Consumer Rights

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Well, I guess we can add Zoe Lofgren to the list of Congresscritters looking out for consumers’ rights. Lofgren is introducing today the Digital Choice and Freedom Act, which is designed to ensure that consumers can copy CDs, DVDs, and any digital works for personal use. The article says that Rick Boucher is getting ready to introduce similar legislation, so I imagine the two will combine at some point. There is no chance the bill will become law this session, but it’s still good to get it out there. Predictably, Hollywood was not pleased. Jack Valenti is quoted as saying (of course) that if this bill passes it will destroy the movie industry. Just like the VCR, Jack?

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Comments on “New Bill To Protect Consumer Rights”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Smack Jack

With Gnutella, Kazaa and other running at full force, in a bad economy and the ever increasing price on movie tickets Hollywood still managed to break all records with Spiderman. Episode 2 was close behind. Why did those movies succeed? Because people wanted to see them. I’m not about to drop $10 to go see every movie that comes out because I owe it to Hollywood. I’ll see anything that I deem worth my hard earned money. Hollywood does not have the right to break sales records. Records are not medians. Medians are not guarantees. Matrix 2 will eventually be on Gnutella yet it will still sit atop the box office charts for a few weeks and rake in many millions of dollars in its very first week alone. I may download it but I’m going to see it in the theather at least once. Sitting in front of an 8 inch window is not the same as sitting in front of a 50 foot screen. I also plan on buying the DVD when it comes out.

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