Music Companies Settle CD Price-Fixing Case

from the such-good-corporate-citizens,-they-are dept

Admitting absolutely no wrong doing (sounds familiar, yes?), music labels and retailers have agreed to pay fines totalling $143.1 million for price fixing CDs. This is the conclusion of the charges that were made a few years back. It is somewhat amusing how the music industry oligopoly continues to whine about all this “piracy” when they’ve been price fixing for years. Using their own analogy, how is that any different than stealing money from consumers’ pockets? I know it’s a completely different situation, but based on music industry logic, it should be exactly the same.

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Comments on “Music Companies Settle CD Price-Fixing Case”

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kger says:

So how do I get my share?

So how do I collect repayment for the CDs I bought during 1995-2000?
I suppose consumers will have to show their receipts, which no one will really have. So I imagine all that money to be paid “to consumers” will either go unpaid, or will be collected by the states involved in the lawsuit, only to disappear forever in their respective state budget deficits.
Meanwhile, the price of CDs won’t go down a penny. And why should they? $143 million is a relatively small price to pay for the billions they rake in every year.

Timmmay! says:

Re: So how do I get my share?

I think the $143 Million is just a fine (translation: you ain’t getting it). The problem is that they should have been made to plead guilty to make it easier for those wonderful class action attourneys to build a huge case (from which, you also won’t get squat but it would sting the RIAA alot more than $143 million…)

rbk303 says:

Re: CD Price-Fixing Settlement claim


you don’t turn on your radio and you don’t pay for cds.

(more as a gut response to the first Anonymous Coward post, though i know they were only joking)

go to the corner bar and hear a LIVE band! pick up an instrument.

rock your own boat.

at least you’ll be the one saying what stays and goes for once. instead of being fed filtered bits of half naked mouseketeers.

i just watched ‘sin city’ the other night for the first time, i had never read the comics or even heard about the film, mostly due to not watching cable television or accepting any broadcasts through rabbit ears.

rememeber the scene when senator rourke says, once you get people to agree with what they know in their hearts isn’t true, you’ve got ’em by the balls. or words to that effect.

we all know it happens. its happening right now.

wouldn’t it be nice if everyone (yes everyone) were the state and federal senate and house of representatives?

all laws would be written in plain english and voted on every sunday.

how can you have a country governed by the people, when no reliable voting system has ever been created?

and what do you suppose the average middle class income is anyway. wouldn’t it be nice to see a corporate executive making 9 dollars an hour.

anyway, i’m ranting now… sorry to flame the board with logic

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